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Accounting Degree

They are also fully capable of making informed decisions and providing data-based financial suggestions and recommendations. Graduates of this program will know and follow government and industry regulations. Accountants help individuals and businesses make conscious, ethical financial decisions and GCU can help you get there. Our Omaha-area campus offers classes that accommodate the working professional’s schedule. So, if you prefer an in-person learning experience as you earn your Accounting Degree, you can get what you need to help you be successful.

Accounting Degree

Accountants articulate and analyze economic activities to help organizations predict future results, allocate resources, and make decisions that drive long-term viability. Obtaining the CPA license is a two-step process involving education and experience. Licensure as a CPA following completion of the CPA examination depends upon meeting varying amounts of supervised experience as stipulated by each of the 55 jurisdictions. In some states, licensure also requires additional educational requirements beyond those needed to sit for the CPA exam. In those situations, the accounting programs within the Heider College, through advising, meet those additional expectations. Learn from expert faculty members and real-world professionals who provide practical insights and networking opportunities in the accounting community. A degree in accounting can open the door to a wide range of career paths, from becoming an individual CPA, working on auditing or financial detective work.

How Will You Gain Real Experience?

Though many of these individuals are already good with their finances prior to working as an accountant or CPA, a perk of the job is gaining even more financial knowledge, which can help accountants and CPAs with personal financial matters. Students should also ensure they have a thorough understanding of the program’s accreditation status. Some states will require that students have attended an Accounting Degree AACSB accredited school for their hours to count towards CPA certification. Again, it is best to check the individual state’s requirements before committing to a program. Throughout either degree program, students will undertake specialized courses to help them deepen their knowledge and develop pertinent skills. Below is a list of some of the classes graduate students could expect to take.

  • The competencies within each domain ensure that Bachelor of Science in Accounting grads can interpret financial information and communicate their findings in ways their audience can understand.
  • Many colleges and universities have developed different types of accounting programs to meet those needs.
  • A degree in accounting qualifies you to work in a number of positions related to accounting and finance.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for experiential learning with well-known corporations such as IBM, and national, regional, and local CPA firms such as Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG, GT, Bonadia, Abbott, Frenyea & Russell and more.
  • The course focuses on instruction and practice in writing and critical reading.
  • This online accounting program has been challenging and inspiring … the professors I have had have been fantastic.
  • Accurately complete technical calculations using financial and non-financial information to support stakeholder decision making.

If you have a way with numbers and are in search of a career that is always in demand, start earning a Bachelor of Science in accounting at University of Maryland Global Campus. All companies and agencies need accounting departments to keep their finances on track, so with an accounting degree, you’ll have a wide range of directions to choose from. Develop skills in managerial accounting, budgeting, accounting systems, internal controls, financial analysis, financial reporting, auditing, and more. Our graduates find careers in auditing or government accounting, personal finance, and tax planning, to name a few. Accounting majors also find employment in corporations as financial or managerial accountants, with opportunities for promotion into executive roles.

Employers Of Recent Western Graduates

English Composition I introduces candidates to the types of writing and thinking that are valued in college and beyond. Candidates will practice writing in several genres with emphasis placed on writing and revising academic arguments. Composition I is a foundational course designed to help candidates prepare for success at the college level. Business Ethics is designed to enable students to identify the ethical and socially responsible courses of action available through the exploration of various scenarios in business.

  • An emphasis provides you with additional opportunities to broaden and enrich your education that is distinct from and enhances your major.
  • This course provides students with a basic understanding of stress management concepts including causes and effects of acute and chronic stress as well as techniques used to manage stress.
  • Discover which of the world’s top universities for accounting and finance have most improved their position this year in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018.
  • Financial accounting plays a major role influencing a company’s cost and budget, and therefore improving their overall financial standing.
  • An accounting certificate can be offered at the entry-level to those with no experience in the field or at the post-baccalaureate level for more specialized training in the field.
  • These jobs can be done in the public and private sector, as well as for government organizations.
  • Recommended for students preparing to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination.

Accountants, for example, may not possess state certification or licensure. Accountants can perform certain limited tasks, such as the preparation of financial statements. They may also prepare tax returns if they have passed the required IRS test or received a Preparer Tax Identification Number. programs are very popular and commonly available at colleges and universities throughout the United States, as well as through distance learning. Prospective students should always confirm that a program is fully accredited before beginning a course of study. Prepare and audit tax returns for companies, government entities or individuals. You may work for a large accounting firm, or even work your way up to opening your own agency.


Retention in the program is conditional upon demonstrating competence in upper division accounting courses. Some are located on campus, others are found in the nearby community and others near your hometown. We are continuously cultivating new opportunities and strongly encourage you to participate in the internship program. It is our way of stimulating your interest in enhancing your leadership development, team building skills and experiential learning while pursuing your undergraduate accounting education at SUNY Plattsburgh. There are plenty of opportunities for experiential learning with well-known corporations such as IBM, and national, regional, and local CPA firms such as Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG, GT, Bonadia, Abbott, Frenyea & Russell and more. You may decide to intern at a nonprofit organization, national, state or local government agency.

Accounting Degree

This advanced course uses the case study approach to develop systems and techniques for analyzing the internal strengths and weaknesses of diverse organizations and the external environments in which they operate. Students craft strategies and develop implementation plans that apply organizational resources to opportunities and threats in its external environment. This course should be taken during the last semester of a student’s program. Events, such as our Meet the Firms and theThomas Howell Ferguson Accounting Speaker Series, also enhance student learning. If you enroll in one of our fifth year graduate degree programs, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare for the CPA Exam in on-campus or online classes run by an industry leader, Becker Professional Education.

Publishing, Media, And Information Management

It focuses on the technology literacy, managerial and business problem solving dimensions of computer based information systems. It provides students with an introduction to the fundamental terminology of the hardware, software and the people involved with computer based information systems. The course includes hands on computer lab time to introduce students to word processing, database, spread sheet, and Internet microcomputer applications. This course is designed specifically to prepare students for information technology competence as needed in College of Management courses. A degree in accounting provides a strong foundation for careers in many aspects of business. Accountants create order and meaning out of data, manage information systems and work cross-functionally to accomplish goals.

Students applying for professional license or certification should verify the University’s offerings meet the requirements with the professional organization. Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission ( Students will be able to evaluate the impact of international business issues on accounting information. Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( Accounting is an important tool used by managers of organizations to plan, control, and report financial activity.


With expert knowledge of financial law and lending practices, the financial examiner is responsible for keeping institutions compliant. You’ll analyze and evaluate the health of financial institutions and protect consumers from risky loans. In addition, the BLS predicted that job prospects would grow 7% through 2028, faster than the national average.1 This is largely due to the fact that employers are continuing to seek expert help with federal regulatory compliance.

These programs don’t tend to provide in-depth general information about the field, which is why a four-year program is usually needed for positions other than bookkeeping and being an accounting clerk. If you’ve ever wondered how long does it take to be an accountant, there’s no exact answer.

Bs In Accounting

Every entrepreneur, regardless of industry, can apply these strategies to start and run their own small business with confidence. “I was fed up with working at meager jobs where I was not going to go anywhere in life,” said Franco, who worked as a package handler, putting in 12-hour days, a back-breaking job with low pay and little job security. “My father did his homework and found out that SNHU was the best university for me.” We also offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty. Please note that only the online BS in Accounting program is currently aligned to the 2024 CPA exam updates. For full lists of courses in both the BS in Accounting and BS in Accounting Finance programs, follow the links in the Curriculum section on this page.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of marketing. It covers the current marketing concepts and practical applications that will include the functions of product, price, place, promotion, and positioning. Additional emphasis will be given to multicultural and global marketing in the United States and internationally. Accounting students enjoy plenty of engaging learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, as well as exciting departmental events.

Accounting Course Entry Requirements

Studying an accredited degree allows graduates to apply to the relevant body for exemptions from certain exams once they start working towards chartered accountant status. The online accounting degree includes courses in computer information systems that have been designed specifically for accounting majors at ASU. Students use current e-business software to gain hands-on exposure to real-world business processes and strategies with an emphasis on team projects supervised by faculty.

What Is Accounting?

Beta Gamma Sigma promotes the advancement of education in the art and science of business and fosters integrity in the conduct of business activities. For scholarship consideration, the earlier you complete your undergraduate application, the better. Students in the Heider College of Business can earn two degrees in just four years—a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Accounting. The quality of the courses offered online at SUNY Plattsburgh is phenomenal. The professors are great also and they make me work hard, I mean, really hard… But the studying is very rewarding, albeit challenging, and I tremendously enjoy it. You benefit from the guidance and expertise of successful accounting alumni.

The role of logistics and transportation organizations in the global supply chain process will be discussed. Additional topics covered include cash and receivables, inventory, long-term assets and liabilities. This course offers an overview of digital literacy as it applies to personal, academic, financial, and professional success. Students will analyze the impact of digital technology on personal and social communication to develop digital literacy skills that will assist in achieving academic and career goals.

A number of our accounting majors have also won the National IBM CO-OP of the Year Award. Many of our students who complete the co-op program have been offered full time employment upon graduation. Upon completion of the Grand Canyon University’s University Foundation experience, students will be able to demonstrate competency in the areas of academic skills and self-leadership. They will be able to articulate the range of resources available to assist them, explore career options related to their area of study, and have knowledge of Grand Canyon’s community. Students will be able to demonstrate foundational academic success skills, explore GCU resources , articulate strategies of self-leadership and management and recognize opportunities to engage in the GCU community. Bellevue University has received specialized accreditation for its Bachelor of Science in Accounting through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education .

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